Viajes a Costa Rica baratos

Viajes a Costa Rica Viajes a Costa Rica baratos

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Welcome to Costa Rica, a beautiful Central American country bordered on the north by Nicaragua, southeast by Panama and is bathed by the waters of the west Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea to the east.

In show you some tips for traveling to Costa Rica. Please note the most important cities, some recommendations for your trip to Costa Rica and the most popular tourist sites to enjoy your trip to this beautiful Central American country with a mild climate and bathed by the Caribbean Sea.

Costa Rica is a country cozy and quiet where we can enjoy a multitude of eco-tourism destination. Almost a quarter of the country is a national park or protected area so it is ideal to enjoy nature.

It is about 10 times smaller in extent than Spain and is about 4 ½ million people who mostly speak Spanish. Besides captivating beaches and historic sites that recall the colonial era in Costa Rica the highlights is its flora and fauna unique native species.

In addition to its attractive beaches and parks has many museums where we can appreciate the craft of pre-Columbian cultures before the arrival of the Spanish colonization.

Top Cities in Costa Rica
San Jose Puerto Limon
It's the capital of Costa Rica and this one placed on the central valley with a population of 1 million inhabitants. It is a very nice city that has mixture of both cultures that integrate it, on the one hand the North American and for other one the Latin person. His climate is in the habit of courting the 20 º. It's a beautiful city bathed by the Caribbean sea with a few beaches of white sand and crystalline water that we were charmed with (Nice Beach). Also we can contemplate the forests with fauna and tropical flora (Park Vargas).
Alajuela Heredia
It's the capital of the second province of Costa Rica. The principal tourist attractions are the Museum Juan Santamaría and the Park of the same name. Also we can contemplate two volcanoes that are in assets the volcano Sandbank and the volcano Poás. This city of colonial style I found in 1706 and stands out the Central park, the Fort and the Marine Zoo. Also we can see the trees with glasses to 40 meters of the soil, walk along his rivers or sail along the rapid ones.
Puntarena San Isidro
It's the biggest province of Costa Rica placed in the Pacific coast. Puntarena's city has the principal maritime port of the coast of the Pacífico and the principal one for the entry of tourist cruises. It is an ideal place for a few calm vacations. It belongs to the province of San Jose and has approximately 70.000 inhabitants. It is a city which sustenance is the tourism due to the nearness of national parks, the cataracts and to the sea. Undoubtedly a place that it is worth visiting in this trip to Costa Rica.
Cartago Golfito
This one to 55 km to the south-east of San Jose and it was founded in the colonial epoch being for then the capital. From it there is contemplated the highest volcano of Costa Rica, the Irazú. Also it is necessary to emphasize the National Park Guava tree with pre-Columbian buildings. Placed to 340 km to the south of the Capital it is a small port city. His economy is based on the production of banana. From here we can go to Beach Zancudo, Pavones for the lovers of the surf and aquatic activities.
Placed in Guanacaste's state it's the city most distinguished from the zone North of Costa Rica since from it we can accede to the National parks of Santa Rosa, Corner of the Old woman, Guanacaste and the volcano Arenal.

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