Viajes a Costa Rica baratos

Travel to Costa Rica Recomendaciones para viajar a Costa Rica
General and safety recommendations


 - The official language is the Spanish as what we will not have problems of communication, in addition they speak well English.

 - Costa Rica is a very calm country as for civil safety, of there is that it is named " The Switzerland of Central America ", nevertheless we must have little care of our properties.

 - If you decides to visit volcanic zones have precaution since many of these volcanoes are active, take advice before risking.


Money & Shopping


 - The official currency of Costa Rica is the Costa Rican Colon. There are coins from 1 to 20 colons and bills from 100 to 5.000 colons.

 - We can change our money into banks and offices of change. We must never do it in the street to avoid someone to take to us that another surprise.

 - The credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) are accepted in the majority of Hotels, restaurants and commercial districts.

 - A gratuity will be got well always the one who attends to us, is not obligatory but he will be grateful for her.




 - No vaccine is necessary to enter the country, but the prevention is advisable against the malaria.

 - Drink jammed solid water and do not consume slightly cooked products or in street places.

 - If you has some problem of health during your stay in Costa Rica come to your Hotel where they will put him in touch with the sanitary means of the country. Nevertheless it is very important to contract a medical assurance.




 - In Costa Rica the climate different depending of the epoch of the year. Between December and April one will find a dry climate. From May to November it is the epoch of rains though they are not torrential.

 - In the zone of San Jose the everage temperature ranges between 18 º and 25 º, in the Caribbean zones one increases up to some 30 º/32 º.




 - Costa Rica have a wide fleet of taxis, easily identified for being painted of red. Except in the capital they are not in the habit of taking taximeter for what we must negotiate with the taxi driver the price that he will charge from us.

 - Also you can travel in bus, much more rapid than the train, since they have numerous lines that communicate the principal tourist centers.

 - If you prefers a car insure itself of having all the permissions in rule. For the rest Costa Rica have a wide network of roads in good condition of conservation.




 - The international calls you will be able to do them from your hotel or from some booth. To call from your mobile you will have to consult with your operator.

 - The coverage is good at the populated zones, in the remote zones we will not have coverage.

 - To call from Spain you has to mark 00506 more the number to which you wants to call, to call Spain must mark 0034 more the subscriber number.


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